How to Grow Your Email List: a Strategy Clients Can't Ignore

BY Kathy Crosett
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Email marketing delivers a high return on investment for most businesses. Could your clients be getting more out of their email marketing campaigns? Yes. Learning how to grow your email list for your clients can help them manage the churn rate that plagues most email subscriber lists.

How to Grow Your Email List

We all know that consumers tend to share their ‘junk’ email addresses with marketers. That way, they can easily ignore and disengage from marketers who start to overwhelm their inbox with messages that come every day and contain little value. The Lifecycle Benchmark study from Return Path shows that only 47% of subscribers share their active email addresses with marketers.

In The First 30 Days

When consumers do choose to engage with a marketer, it is usually at the very beginning of the email relationship. On average, about 39% of subscribers fall into the category of first-​touch read rate. This statistic indicates that subscribers will read an email as soon as they first see it. Unfortunately, marketers also lose 34% of newly acquired subscribers within the first 30 days of sign-​up. There could be a correlation between the two stats if the emails recipients open don't offer them useful information. How to grow your email list for your clients? Only send emails with information that benefits your client's customers.

In The First Year

Return Path analysts also measured the retention rate for new subscribers over the course of 12 months. For most marketers, that number is 56%. Businesses that perform in top 10% of email marketing metrics retain 84% of their new subscribers during the first year that they are added to the list.

Are these subscribers actually reading the marketing messages? The data indicates that the average marketer can count on about 31% of new subscribers to still look at messages at the 12-​month point.

Your clients might be telling you that they would like to improve their email marketing yield. You can help them by pitching your services in key areas.

Key Services

Validation — As the saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” Sell your client on the importance of validating the email addresses on their lists. This is how you grow your email list for your clients.

Tracking Engagement — Email marketing shouldn’t be a case of setting it up and letting it run. These campaigns need constant attention, especially at the outset. Tell your clients how you’ll go about monitoring which email items are opened. That way, you can tweak details like the subject line or improve an offer to increase engagement.

List segmentation — The longer a customer stays on an email list, the more clues they will provide about what excites them and what they’re looking for. Don’t ignore this information. Compile and use the data to personalize, or at least group, offers to increase engagement and purchases.

As your clients plan their marketing activities for 2019, remind them to step up their email game. Share the purchasing habits of email marketing responders with them. You can view the data on AudienceSCAN profiles, available at AdMall from SalesFuel​.com.