Losing Sales? These Are the Likely Reasons

BY Jessica Helinski
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Do you find that you are losing a notable number of sales? If so, it’s time to examine what is causing the losses and how to fix it. Rather than blame lack of interest by prospect or tight budgets, you might want to take a look at other causes. Brian Tracy, in a blog post, points out that the culprit may be your own communication (or lack thereof) with prospects. He shares three “shocking” reasons why you may be missing out on deals: 

How the prospect views you

Buyers may not be buying from you because they see you as “just another salesperson.” Likely, you just aren’t standing out in the competitive modern world of sales. No longer do buyers sit around waiting to be sold a product or service; they now have the power of the internet at their fingertips. “Realize your potential customer and all of us, as a matter of fact, now live in a 24/​7, 300+ channels, and everyone is always connected to the online world,” Tracy explains. “ The huge effect of this is countless companies and salespeople are trying to sell YOUR potential customer something all of the time and everyone competes for their attention and their money.” You, as the rep, have got to make yourself stand out among the millions of messages buyers receive. This means no longer relying on outdated traditional techniques. You must ask deep-​diving questions and do your own research to deliver a personalized, relevant, valuable product or service to each and every prospect. By focusing on them, you are showing yourself to be a trusted advisor who truly wants to help (not just sell). 

You’re a pusher rather than a finder. 

No one wants to buy from a product pusher. They want to buy from someone who uncovers problems and seeks to solve those problems. And, all too often, buyers don’t even know what their problems are or may be confused about what they are doing wrong. This is where you, the sales rep, need to shine. As Tracy points out, “…the ability to persuade others hinges less on problem-​solving than on problem finding.” Seek out what really is troubling the prospect’s business and you’ll instantly do something they couldn’t, making yourself truly valuable. Then, offer the solution. 

These are just two of Tracy’s tips, and his advice will help you uncover potential problems in your own sales technique. By implementing his solutions, you’ll set a strong foundation for your relationships and likely, losing fewer sales!