Make Case Presentations More Effective With These Tips

BY Jessica Helinski

Presenting information in a compelling and persuasive way isn’t everyone’s strong point. It can be especially difficult if there’s a chance your audience will disagree with what you have to say. Dentists, in particular, can have trouble making case presentations, not just because of the subject matter, but also presenting doesn’t always come naturally. “The good news is that if you’re willing to learn, you can improve your close rate results by improving your case presentation techniques,” writes Roger P. Levin, DDS for DentistryIQ.

10 Things

His first suggestion is to make sure you have a solid relationship with each and every patient. If you’ve established rapport with each person in your chair, you’re already setting the stage for a successful presentation. Levin suggests using the “Golden Ten Technique” to accomplish this. It involves learning 10 personal things about every patient; he also suggests sharing 10 things about yourself to strengthen the relationship even more. “Leaders who exchange personal information develop stronger relationships and better results,” he explains. “People simply feel that they know, like, and trust these people.”


Another tip is to be energized when making your case. He does understand that many dentists will be coming directly from treating another patient, and once settled, it’s easy to just start going through the motions with the next patient. But he warns against this. “It stands to reason that if the doctor is unmotivated, a patient will be unmotivated as well,” Levin points out. “Bringing energy to each case presentation is a powerful way to demonstrate that you believe in what is being presented, and you’re excited about the benefits that the patient will receive.” One way to remedy this is to consciously wait a moment before you enter the room for a presentation. Stop outside the door, if possible, take a few breaths, and center yourself. Think about the patient, what you’re going to say, and your hoped-​for outcome. A little habit like this can renew your energy and get your mind where it should be. 

For the last tip, make sure to head over to his article. Case presentations don’t have to be a difficult thing to do. It just takes a little preparation and thoughtfulness to improve your skills and get the patient on board with your plans.