Make Cold Emails Turn Into Hot Leads

BY Jessica Helinski
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Cold emails can go nowhere. Or, they can transform into hot leads. Are you doing what it takes to make those leads happen? Rather than just shooting out an email and hoping it elicits a response, spending a few extra minutes crafting the email can pay off. In an Inc​.com  article, Joe Hirsch writes about four techniques that have helped his cold emails open doors. “…Cold emailing is more about form than finesse — and developing good form can be the difference between opportunity and rejection,” he explains.

The first technique Hirsch introduces is what he calls “going in hot.” Yes, they are called “cold” emails, but it’s your personal touch that can make them hot (and make the recipient excited to write back). You can do this by making sure each email you send reflects the following:

  • Research. Show the recipient that you have put in the time to learn about him or her, the industry, their company, and any other relevant issues. What makes him or her a good fit with what you’re selling? What kind of opportunity are you presenting? This is the time to showcase the strong connection between your product or service and their needs. 
  • Relevance. Make sure that anything you share in the email is relevant and specific to the recipient. Be as specific and personal as possible. 
  • Relatability. Highlight points of connection to create immediate relatability. 

Another technique Hirsch discusses is making it easy for the recipient to say “yes.” Yes, to what? Anything! A phone call, a meeting, a demo, etc. He recommends doing this by:

  • Make a specific request. State clearly what you’re requesting, and make sure that it’s easy to find.
  • Define a time. The recipient is busy and can easily decline, especially to a cold email. “Your job is to convert their hesitation to support by making the ask as defined as possible,” he explains. “Specify the dates, times, and duration for your request and be certain that it can be fulfilled under those conditions.” 
  • Demonstrate empathy and good taste. Avoid aggression, urgent exclamations and anything else that could be a turn-off. 

These are only two of Hirsch’s four techniques that will make your cold emails work even more for you. As he writes, “when you take a sensible and strategic approach to cold emailing, you just might discover that opportunity knocks.”