Manage Smarter 105 — Eddie Turner: Becoming an Emerging Leader

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Eddie Turner is a popular keynote speaker and author of 140 Simple Messages to Guide Emerging Leader — which provides 140 actionable leadership messages for emerging leaders and leaders in transition.

Billed as The Leadership Excelerator®, he is an in-​demand expert who has worked for several of the world's “most admired companies" such as Deloitte, GE, and Accenture. Eddie works with leaders to Accelerate Performance and Drive Impact!®

Eddie is also the host of the Keep Leading podcast on C‑Suite Radio.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Eddie discuss:

  • The 8 definition of Emerging Leaders
  • How to “reskill” yourself to become an Emerging Leader
  • Age and entrepreneurship tendencies of Emerging Leaders
  • IQ vs EQ: Intelligence versus Emotional Intelligence

"When I work with leaders I see far too many allow themselves to get complacent or fall into the trap of self-deception."

- Eddie Turner

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