Manage Smarter 107 — Paul Rosenberg: The Third Eye of Rogue Leaders

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Paul Rosenberg is a Fortune global Fortune 500 coach, author and speaker. Author of the top-​rated Rogue Leadership: Harnessing Headwinds to Drive Performance, he brings 30 years of experience in multiple industries and organizations from start-​up to mature. 

As a comic and improvisational actor, he is known for his humor and creative look at business and leadership.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Paul discuss:

  • Definition of Rogue Leadership
  • How to truly reach your “gut” feelings to guide you
  • Making decisions: Quickly vs. Right
  • Fun or boundary-​breaking activities to break you and your teams out of a rut (Bubble wrap anyone?!!)

"The demands created by the barrage of data and external noise drive many leaders to act, but not act well, limiting their effectiveness and creating long- term gaps."

- Paul Rosenberg

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