Manage Smarter 115 — Tom Peters: Walk Around Managing When You Can't Walk Around

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Tom Peters is coauthor of In Search of Excellence — the book that changed the way the world does business and often tagged as the best business book ever. His latest book is The Excellence Dividend — which we discussed in Episode 19.

Seventeen books and thirty-​five years later, Tom is still at the forefront of the “management guru industry” he single-​handedly invented. Also the recipient of the Thinkers50 Lifetime Achievement Award.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to remote meeting platform strain caused by more people working from home than ever, there is some audio dropout throughout this recording.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Tom discuss:

  • Tom's strong opinions on CEOs currently laying off thousands of employees during this crisis
  • What is business responsibility in this Coronavirus epidemic?
  • How to “Manage By Walking Around" when everyone is working from home
  • Why leaders need to ramp up intimacy, kindness and thoughtfulness during this time 

"If you are a CEO sitting with stock options up the kazoo — and you’ve got a bank account of 170 million dollars — and if you lay front line people off (during this pandemic), you are a first-​class lifelong SOB in my book."

Tom Peters

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