Manage Smarter 139 — Wayne Mullins: Marketing Amid the COVID-​19 Pandemic

BY Audrey Strong
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Wayne Mullins is the founder and CEO of Ugly Mug Marketing. Over the past 20 years, he has scaled multiple companies and helped hundreds entrepreneurs do the same with their companies. his passion is helping entrepreneurs challenge their assumptions, create value from places they’ve never looked, and having more freedom than they previously believed possible. 

He has worked hands-​on with clients in over 100 different industries, and from every corner of the globe.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Wayne discuss:

  • Sales and marketing in COVID-19
  • How to shift marketing platforms to the client side to connect companies communicate 
  • Coronavirus business strategies
  • Adjusting marketing messages in the pandemic

"No one likes to be sold to and they want to be helped and know that you care beyond just yourself."

Wayne Mullins

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