Manage Smarter 162 — Jon Berghoff: Getting Buy-​In and Collective Wisdom

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Jon Berghoff is the Co-​Founder and CEO of XCHANGE, a scientific approach to unlocking collective wisdom. Over 350 global thought leaders, community builders, and industry-​leading coaches and consultants have leveraged the XCHANGE Approach to facilitate transformational group experiences with their clients. 

When companies like BMW, Facebook, NASA, and Keller Williams have wanted to bring large groups together to solve problems, accelerate learning, or create a new future, they’ve all relied upon Jon and the XCHANGE Approach. 

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Jon discuss:

  • What aspects of traditional management are wrong and damaging to your business
  • How to boost engagement among your employees
  • Artful questioning technique to team building and cohesive initiatives
  • Creating collective wisdom to push speed and scale

One reason managers make mistakes is they are prisoners of Management Paradigms (or an organizational culture that is prisoner to the same paradigms) that haven’t innovated for over 100 years.”

Jon Berghoff

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