Manage Smarter 163 — Jonathan Kazarian: Better Remote Events

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Jonathan Kazarian is the founder & CEO of Accelevents, a one-​stop shop for event organizers who want to create a unique and engaging virtual event experience. In the current environment, many companies are choosing to transition their live events to a virtual format and Jonathan is an expert when it comes to helping companies making this process as seamless as possible.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Jonathan discuss:

  • When are in-​person events likely to resume
  • Expanding your reach virtually – best practices in 2021 and beyond
  • How to boost engagement during your virtual events
  • Emerging trends for this year into 2022

We put a ton of emphasis (where you) are getting value, collecting leads and actually meeting people, as opposed to an in person experience where somebody might come by your booth, grab a rubber ducky and a t‑shirt, grab a brochure as well and you don’t know who they are.”

Jonathan Kazarian

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