Manage Smarter 175 — Don Long: Finding Your Impact Areas

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Over the past three decades, Don Long has founded or co-​founded six different companies to total over $100 million dollars in lifetime revenue. The last company he built went into the top 1,000 companies in the United States in that particular industry. 

He is the author of two books The Blueprint of God and the international bestselling book Sell or Don’t Eat; as well as three courses The Blueprint Matrix, Selling from the Soul, and his World Class Business Assessment tool. 

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Don discuss:

  • How to find Impact Areas that need addressing
  • COVID-​19 Communication frequency and style changes internal and external
  • Incremental improvements over 12 months vs. once-​a-​year fixes
  • How to create “Aliveness” in all your employees

The best run companies are always working on the business in some way and developing constant and never-​ending improvement in every area"

Don Long

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