Manage Smarter 199 — Jonathan Brill: Ride the Rogue Wave Into the Future

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Futurist Jonathan Brill is our guest—he helps leaders turn disruption into opportunity as a speaker and advisor. He is the author of ROGUE WAVES: Future-​Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit From Radical Change.

He was previously the Global Futurist at HP. His companies have developed over 350 products for organizations like Samsung, Microsoft and the US Government. He creates intellectual content for TED, HBR, Fast Company, Bloomberg and many other organizations.

In this show for managers, Audrey, Lee and Jonathan discuss how to ride changes into the future with confidence, leadership, credibility and clarity. They also discuss:

  • 4 major techniques for knowing about the future, no matter what field you’re in
  • Definition of Rogue Wave and how to reset expectations to successfully ride it out
  • More accurate ways to predict the future right or wrong given current information
  • Future of labor shortages, automation
  • Salespeople job changes in the future and what to expect
  • Cryptocurrency predictions

"When we recognize that the world is becoming more volatile and that change is the primary cause of fortune and failure, it opens up new opportunities for resilience and growth."

Jonathan Brill

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