Manage Smarter 216 — David Saltzman: How to Use Storytelling to Win Sales

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David Saltzman is the Principal at The Saltzman Group and a 20-​year nationally-​published monthly columnist, an accomplished stage and keynote speaker, and a seasoned marketer. For the past 15 years, David has focused on helping others create story-​based marketing that cuts through the noise in their marketplaces and creates the first step toward enduring relationships. 

As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, David and his team employ the StoryBrand framework to structure and focus the story their clients use to win business and attract customers.

In this podcast and vodcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, Lee and David discuss:

  • The StoryBrand Process
  • Why are some stories memorable and spur action while others are ineffective
  • What are some of the pitfalls of the storytelling approach to watch for?
  • Why you should Always be Yoda and never be Luke Skywalker
  • The role of emotion in corporate sales

"The number one mistake managers make is making themselves the hero of the client’s story.”

David Saltzman

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