Manage Smarter 219 — Maria Victoria Albina: Stress, Anxiety and Burnout

BY Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith
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Maria Victoria Albina (she/​they) is a Master Certified Somatic Life Coach, UCSF-​trained Family Nurse Practitioner and Breathwork Meditation Guide with a passion for helping humans socialized as women realize that they are their own best healers by reconnecting with their bodies and minds, so they can break free from codependency, perfectionism and people-​pleasing and reclaim their joy. 

She is the host of the Feminist Wellness Podcast, holds a Masters degree in Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health and a BA in Latin American Studies from Oberlin College. Victoria has been working in health & wellness for over 20 years and lives on occupied Munsee Lenape territory in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Programming note: due to the poor video quality of this episode's recording, it is available in podcast-​only format this week.

In this podcast and vodcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, Lee and Victoria discuss:

  • Signs and signals leaders should look for indicating they aren’t well
  • Why people pleasing and likability are a recipe for bad health for leaders
  • How past traumas play out in bad health today
  • A calming exercise to use at work to reset your nervous system and re-​center yourself
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"The number one mistake managers make is Ignoring signals from their bodies that are telling them they are overstressed or overworked. They do this to be productive and to continue being seen as high performers..”

Maria Victoria Albina

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