Manage Smarter 235 — Crista Grasso: The Best Way to Scale Your Small Business

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Crista Grasso is the go-​to strategic planning and systems expert for online businesses when they want to scale. Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through noise and provide clarity on the core things that will make the biggest impact to scale a business simply and sustainably. 

She is the founder of the Lean Out Method, creator of the Lean Business Scaling System, and host of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast.

In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, and Crista discuss:

  • The methodology of time chunking
  • 4 Pillars of the Lean Out method
  • What mistakes she made with her business that prompted her to start her company
  • The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when scaling their business

"A 2‑hour focus block with the right conditions in place to stay laser focused from start to finish can result in getting a massive amount FINISHED. But a 2‑hour focus block without the right conditions in place can look like spending the 1st 30 minutes frustrated as trying to find everything you need coupled with so many distractions that you end up getting very little even started let alone finished during that time.”

Crista Grasso

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