Manage Smarter 25 — Mary Gardner: Coaching Big Egos

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Mary Gardner is The Charisma Coach. She's also the founder of the Inspirational Speakers Academy and turns idiosyncrasies into assets for her speaking clients.  She has been a corporate trainer for Goldman Sachs, a CBS Sports Radio personality, columnist for the Orlando Business Journal, and has created PR campaigns for TJ Maxx, Johnson & Johnson, Fuji Film among others.


In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Mary discuss:

  • What makes a good coach
  • Working with millennials
  • How to be a good story teller
  • How to work with big egos


Key Takeaways:

  • Make everyone feel as if they have contributed to the team
  • Telling stories helps hit all the emotions
  • Everybody on your team should have a different skill
  • Team building is very important


 People justify on logic but they buy off of emotion. "- Mary Gardner


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