Manage Smarter 76 — Scott McGohan: Core Values — The Road to Ruin or Success

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Scott McGohan is the CEO of McGohan Brabender, an employee benefits consulting firm. Scott also works on vision casting, strategy alignment and leadership deployment.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Scott discuss:

  • 5 points of core values to consider
  • Making your company leadership match your core values
  • How hypocrisy in company operations vs. core values alienates employees
  • The definition of Self-Worth 
  • Leadership driven by core values rather than profits/​wealth

"You better define your core values before you go to work or someone will define them for you. We learn most often in life when we make gigantic mistakes and fortunately by the grace of God I had someone call me out on the carpet and tell me the truth."

- Scott McGohan

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