Marketers Must Align Messages With New Cultural Trends

BY Rachel Cagle
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There are a few trends currently influencing consumer behavior, according to a study by UM. Brands’ ability to keep up with these trends will make or break the success of their advertising efforts going forward.


Social good is significantly important to consumers, and they feel that brands with a powerful voice can help inspire change. Luckily for brands that feel the same, it’s now easier than ever to broadcast their support of social good, whether it be pages on their websites or messages incorporated into their ads. Because of this, the lack of a stance on an important social issue is jarring to consumers. If brands are not doing their part to support local good, consumers will feel a need to hold them accountable. If a brand wants to maintain their positive online reviews, they need to become advocates of social good.


Individuality is also a priority of today’s consumer. “As personal identities become more complex, consumers are taking notice of brands that appeal to multifaceted identity factors, with 65% saying they are interested in engaging with companies that reflect a new way of doing things,” reports UM. Factors that consumers feel help create their identities include health and fitness, education, support of science, culture and nationality. So, businesses that sell products or services related to these factors can easily appeal to consumers through outreach.


Local products not only help support establishing consumers’ identities, they’re also viewed by 57% of consumers as more authentic. Businesses can appeal to consumers through advertisements spotlighting their use and assortments of local products.

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