Marketers Shift Influencer Use During the Pandemic

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients asking if they should shift influencer use during the pandemic? It’s an important topic to consider as many influencers emphasize gathering with friends, traveling or engaging in behavior that might spread the virus. Marketers are using influencers more than ever, but your clients don’t want to appear tone deaf during this challenging time. Here’s what other marketers are doing, according to new research from Linqia.

Your clients, like many marketers, face huge business challenges during the pandemic. Losing sales is a key worry for 40% of surveyed business. But at least 32% of businesses don’t want to appear insensitive in their messaging. About half of marketers, 53%, don’t anticipate changing their influencer marketing as we emerge from the most severe stages of lockdown. But, 26% plan to cut back. And 21% will use it more.

Respondents to Linqia’s survey said the following when they were asked about the most important goals for their current influencer campaigns:

  • Using the right creative aspects and messaging 63%
  • Increasing engagement 21%
  • Increases awareness 17%

Funding Influencer Marketing Budgets

At the start of the pandemic, up to 67% of businesses cut back, either slightly or significantly, on digital marketing. The cuts to influencer marketing were less severe. Only 41% said they reduced spending on influencers, either slightly or significantly. In addition, while 63% of businesses will use the same number of influencers during the pandemic, 25% will hire more.

Influencer Use During the Pandemic

Most marketers who use influencers (71%) feel this format can help them improve brand image as the pandemic continues. In addition, they believe influencers create the kind of content that can be used in other advertising formats, like TV or email. In particular, marketers believe that using Instagram (91%), Facebook (49%) or TikTok (39%) in conjunction with influencers can position their brand favorably.

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