How to Master the Sales Follow-Up

BY Jessica Helinski
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You’ve made the sales call and now it’s time for the important next step: The follow-​up. Many salespeople make the costly mistake of not following up, thinking that their work is done once the initial sales call or meeting ends and a sale will naturally follow. This isn’t true, according to Ali Mirza, and in an article for Pipeliner CRM Blog, he discusses the importance of following up. “In fact, it’s so important,” he writes, “that only 2% of sales are made on the first contact. A whopping 48% of salespeople never follow up with a prospect!”

Mirza shares some techniques that can help one conduct an effective follow-​up, a few of which are included below:

  • Make a plan. When finishing up that first sales call or meeting, immediately schedule another time to follow up, whether it’s via the phone or in-​person. Setting a date for the follow up will hold both parties accountable and set things in motion.
  • Reiterate your value. When following up, emphasize value over cost, and be sure, when discussing your value proposition, you relate it specifically to the prospect’s needs.
  • Share some of that value–for free. During the follow up, pass along some insight or advice that directly impacts his or her business, which will show first-​hand the value that you bring to the relationship. And, according to Mirza, “it sends the impression that you are actively thinking and engaging in bettering their business.”

Following up a first meeting or sales call is a vital step in the sales process–and one that many salespeople skip. Take advantage of this opportunity to show the prospect why he or she needs your business and lay the groundwork for the next step: Closing the deal!