Millennial Parents are the New Super Coupon Users

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In this age of heavy online shopping, do paper coupons still matter? Analysts at Valassis, in their 2K19 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report, say that consumers of all ages are using printed and online coupons and circulars in a big way. Naturally, an organization like Valassis has a vested interest in this kind of research, but their findings are worth checking out.

Coupon Use Rates

In general, 45% of consumers say they always or very often use coupons. For millennials, that figure is 53 percent. Researchers also asked consumers where they prefer to find their coupons. In almost every category, most percentages have increased since 2017. For example, 44% of consumers liked coupons that were mailed to them in 2017. In 2019, 50% say the same.

Interest in digital coupons isn’t far behind. Over 40% of consumers like online discounts they can download to their loyalty programs. And, 38% want discounts they can download to their mobile devices.

Millennial Parents

These days, some of the busiest consumers are millennial parents. On a regular basis, they’re looking for ways to save time and money. When they plan their grocery shopping trips, millennial parents often:

  • Select paper or printed coupons to bring with them 69%
  • Look for printed store circulars/ads for deals at specific stores 71%
  • Look for printed circulars/ads to choose a store 71%
  • Look for online circulars for ads at specific stores 70%
  • Look for online circulars for ads at specific retailers 68%

Where Consumers Find Coupons

Across the board, 89% of shoppers say that coupons save them a lot of money. In addition, 86% of consumers say coupons influence them to try new products.

They don’t always wait for printed coupons to arrive in the mail or the daily newspaper. At least 71% go to store websites. Almost all millennial parents, 92%, do this. Millennial parents are so intent on scoring deals that 89% use search engines to find discounts, while only 67% of all consumers do so.

Interest in mobile savings apps is growing too. Millennial parents are using specific apps at the following levels:

  • Grocery/drug/mass merchant saving apps 92%
  • Coupon app 85%
  • Cash back/points app 89%
  • In-store shopping rewards app 85%
  • Shopping list app 82%
  • Deal comparison app  81%

Talk with your clients about the importance of coupons as a tool to generate consumer interest in new products and services. To get the big picture on coupon users, check out the AudienceSCAN profile available on AdMall from SalesFuel.

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