More than 75% of Americans Plan to Celebrate Easter

BY Rachel Cagle
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"NRF has surveyed consumers about how they plan to celebrate Easter annually for over a decade. Take a deeper dive into date from the last 10 years."

"The percentage of Americans celebrating has been 80% or more since 2009 before it took its first drop to 79% in 2019. However, despite the slight drop in participants, average expected spending is on the rise. Overall, Americans were thought to spend $151.25 per person for Easter in 2012 (up from $150.05 in 2018). Total expected spending in 2019 was $12.11 billion in the U.S."

"In 2019, celebrators planned to purchase:

  • Candy: 87% (expected per person spending of $20.78)
  • Food: 85% ($47.97)
  • Gifts: 59% ($24.01)
  • Greeting Cards: 46% ($6.52)
  • Clothing: 46% ($27.29)
  • Decorations: 41% ($8.73)
  • Flowers: 38% ($10.79)"

"Some of the most popular ways Americans planned to celebrate Easter in 2019 included visiting family and friends (57%), cooking a holiday meal (54%), going to church (49%) and going to a restaurant (16%)."

"More women than men planned to celebrate Easter in 2019 (82% vs. 76%), but men planned to spend more on celebrations than women ($165.78 vs. $137.45). Both genders are heavily motivated by tradition (65%), social activity with family or friends (31%), sales and promotions (31%) and exclusive or seasonal products (21%)."

Retailers and restaurants can promote their seasonal offerings to Easter Diners using both digital and traditional advertisements. According to AudienceSCAN, last year, Easter Diners took action after seeing TV commercials and receiving direct mail and email ads.

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