Move Over TV Ad Spending, Mobile is Here

BY Rachel Cagle
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Mobile advertising is an emerging powerhouse, no one can deny that. We’ve watched it overcome desktop and laptop advertising spending, and this year it’s going after TV’s spending.

In 2018, eMarketer expects mobile advertising to increase by 23.5 percent. That’s more than three times quicker than the 6.6% that total media spending is expected to grow in 2018! That growth will land mobile at making up 33.9% of all advertising spend in the United States and 69.9% of digital advertising.

Mobile’s intense growth has been aided by search. As a result of the increasing popularity of consumers shopping from their smartphones, businesses have been improving their mobile shopping sites and increasing their product information and reviews. Because of these changes, conversions from search advertisements are occurring more often than before.

Here’s how mobile ad spend compares to other advertising media this year:

  • Mobile: 33.9% of total media
  • TV: 31.6%
  • Desktop/​Laptop: 14.6%
  • Print: 9.1%
  • Radio: 6.5%
  • Out-​of-​Home: 3.6%
  • Directories: 0.7%

As mobile continues to make more of a name for itself among advertising media, the higher mobile ad placement costs will climb. That’s why eMarketer predicts that, by the end of 2021, mobile ad spending will make up nearly half (47.8%) of all advertising spending in the United States.

This increase will most dramatically effect TV’s ad spending, pushing it back to 24.8% in 2022 (a 6.8% decrease within four years). The other five previously listed formats’ ad spending is also predicted to drop, albeit not as dramatically, with desktop/laptop’s spending falling from 14.6% of all ad spending in the country to 14.2%, print decreasing from 9.1% to 4.5%, radio dropping to 5.3%, out-​of-​home coming in at 3% and directories barely holding on at 0.3 percent.

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