Mystery Shoppers Reveal Top Seller Mistakes

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Even the best sales­peo­ple can trip up. It’s easy to become too com­pla­cent in the job or too busy to notice details. But these “fails” can be cost­ly. Mys­tery shop­pers can be a solu­tion for sales issues, and recent­ly, Bok­ka Group report­ed on the find­ings from mys­tery shop­pers’ expe­ri­ence with home builders. The shop­pers uncov­ered some com­mon mis­takes made by these sell­ers, and Paul Gortzig shared these insights in a recent arti­cle. The fol­low­ing are the top five mis­takes shop­pers encoun­tered in home-builder pre­sen­ta­tions across the coun­try:

Poor follow-up

Gortzig reports that poor follow-up was the lead­ing issue in every shop­per expe­ri­ence. Sales­peo­ple aren’t con­sis­tent­ly fol­low­ing up with prospec­tive buy­ers, or even ask­ing for a follow-up oppor­tu­ni­ty. “We are sim­ply not serv­ing our cus­tomer with the atten­tion they des­per­ate­ly need,” he writes. “But when you do focus on time­ly and con­sis­tent follow-up, you are top of mind when your cus­tomer gets clos­er to mak­ing a deci­sion.” Make it a habit to always request follow-up infor­ma­tion from all prospects and be adamant about re-connecting in the future.

Letting the home sell itself.

For home builders, the mod­el home is a crit­i­cal sales tool. Builders rec­og­nize this impor­tance, but, for many, mod­el pre­sen­ta­tions aren’t always kept to the high­est stan­dard. Sales­peo­ple need to be present to help buy­ers under­stand the mod­el, as well as options shown, dec­o­ra­tor built-ins and design fea­tures.

These are only two of the five mis­takes that the mys­tery shop­pers uncov­ered. Read the entire arti­cle to find out oth­er mis­takes to avoid, which will not only dif­fer­en­ti­ate you from oth­er builders, but also build a strong con­nec­tion with buy­ers.

Jessica Helinski

Jessica Helinski

Jes­si­ca is a senior research ana­lyst for Sales­Fu­el focus­ing on sell­ing to SMB deci­sion mak­ers. She also reports on sales and pre­sen­ta­tion tips for Sales­Fu­el and Media Sales Today. Jes­si­ca is a grad­u­ate of Ohio Uni­ver­si­ty.