Mystery Shoppers Reveal Top Seller Mistakes

BY Jessica Helinski
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Even the best salespeople can trip up. It’s easy to become too complacent in the job or too busy to notice details. But these “fails” can be costly. Mystery shoppers can be a solution for sales issues, and recently, Bokka Group reported on the findings from mystery shoppers’ experience with home builders. The shoppers uncovered some common mistakes made by these sellers, and Paul Gortzig shared these insights in a recent article. The following are the top five mistakes shoppers encountered in home-​builder presentations across the country:

Poor follow-​up

Gortzig reports that poor follow-​up was the leading issue in every shopper experience. Salespeople aren’t consistently following up with prospective buyers, or even asking for a follow-​up opportunity. “We are simply not serving our customer with the attention they desperately need,” he writes. “But when you do focus on timely and consistent follow-​up, you are top of mind when your customer gets closer to making a decision.” Make it a habit to always request follow-​up information from all prospects and be adamant about re-​connecting in the future. 

Letting the home sell itself. 

For home builders, the model home is a critical sales tool. Builders recognize this importance, but, for many, model presentations aren’t always kept to the highest standard. Salespeople need to be present to help buyers understand the model, as well as options shown, decorator built-​ins and design features.

These are only two of the five mistakes that the mystery shoppers uncovered. Read the entire article to find out other mistakes to avoid, which will not only differentiate you from other builders, but also build a strong connection with buyers.