Need Help? Here's How to Ask

BY Jessica Helinski
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Not everyone is comfortable asking for help. But, being able to reach out to a coworker or boss for assistance is necessary for a salesperson’s professional development. It’s time to get over the doubts and discomfort, and Grammerly’s Shundalyn Allens shares common worries about asking for help and how you can overcome them:

What if I’m perceived as incapable?

This is likely a very common concern. No one wants others to think they can’t do their job. One way to let others know this isn’t true is to do your research prior to asking. Make sure it’s clear that you tried to solve the issue yourself by scouring the internet, watching tutorials, reading blogs, consulting past examples, etc. Then, when asking, you can honestly say that you tried to find the information on your own.

What if they get tired of my repeated requests?

If this isn’t your first request, make sure you reiterate your gratitude the next time you ask. “Appreciation can transform duty into pleasure,” Allens writes. In addition to vocalizing your genuine thanks, make sure to follow up and let the person know how his or her assistance impacted your success with a project or task.

What if I get a reputation as a taker?

You might worry what others will think , but this can be remedied by giving as much as you take. “Make a regular habit of offering assistance and be ready to lend a helping hand when you see someone struggling,” Allens suggests. “Not only will people be more likely to come to your aid if you’ve helped them in the past, but also you will earn a reputation as a valuable member of the team.”

These are just three highlights from Allens’ article; you’ll find that all of her tips really do soothe common worries about asking for help. By overcoming your doubts, you open yourself up to improving your own selling and receiving valuable insights from others.