Use These Updated Ice Breakers With Your Network

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The more you net­work, the more you will hear the same tired ice break­ers about the weath­er. It's time to boost your mem­o­ra­bil­i­ty and gain valu­able intel about oth­ers by using new con­ver­sa­tion dri­vers. A recent blog post by Know Your Com­pa­ny sug­gests 25 of the best ice­break­ers. While they focus on com­mu­ni­ca­tion among cowork­ers, their ques­tions are just as applic­a­ble to reps and their pro­fes­sion­al and social net­works.

Get­ting to know oth­ers, and ulti­mate­ly build­ing trust, is vital to sales suc­cess. And luck­i­ly, Know Your Com­pa­ny has put a lot of thought into which ques­tions are most effec­tive. As Claire Lew writes, "At Your Com­pa­ny, we put a lot of thought (over four years' worth of research and fine-tun­ing!) into craft­ing get-to-know-you ques­tions that would be as non-cheesy as pos­si­ble and elic­it mean­ing­ful and mem­o­rable respons­es."

Below are just a few of their rec­om­mend­ed ques­tions:

"Been any­where recent­ly for the first time?"

Shar­ing in new things with oth­ers cre­ates a sense of cama­raderie, so encour­age oth­ers to talk about new expe­ri­ences. You may devel­op an even deep­er con­nec­tion if it's also one you expe­ri­enced. Or, you may learn about a new restau­rant or des­ti­na­tion that might be of inter­est.

"Who's some­one you real­ly admire?

"Under­stand­ing who some­one looks up to reveals a sig­nif­i­cant amount about a person's influ­ences, pref­er­ences, and out­look on life," Lew explains. "This is a great ques­tion to ask to help get a sense of what and who a per­son val­ues."

"What's some­thing you want to do in the next year that you've nev­er done before?"

This is a fresh­er ver­sion of the old "what-are-your-goals" ques­tion. It allows the oth­er per­son to share dreams, whether they be pro­fes­sion­al or per­son­al. You'll gain some great insight into what dri­ves him or her, as well as their plans for the future.

For the entire list of ques­tions, check out Lew's blog post. They not only will help you learn more about oth­ers when you net­work, but you'll also stand out from those still stuck on old dis­cus­sion top­ics.

Jessica Helinski

Jessica Helinski

Jes­si­ca is a senior research ana­lyst for Sales­Fu­el focus­ing on sell­ing to SMB deci­sion mak­ers. She also reports on sales and pre­sen­ta­tion tips for Sales­Fu­el and Media Sales Today. Jes­si­ca is a grad­u­ate of Ohio Uni­ver­si­ty.