New to Sales? Tips for Finding the Perfect Position

BY Jessica Helinski
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If you are new to the world of selling, you might be uncertain of where to begin. It can be tough for industry newcomers to find a good landing spot that aligns with their skills and expectations. “While one role might be perfect for your personality and career goals, another might make you miserable or require skills you don’t have,” HubSpot writer Aja Frost writes in a recent article. She goes on to provide a quick guide to different positions in the industry and what each one entails.

Frost begins the guide by discussing what one should look for when contemplating a job in sales. This can be great advice for newcomers and those who have only just started in sales. The following are two of the five points she suggests considering:

Long-​term outlook. Obviously, sales positions vary by industry. When evaluating a job or seeking an entry point, you must first have an idea of your long-​term career goals. Learn more about positions’ career paths and how they align with your own current skill set and aspirations. In other words, do your homework about the position and the industry in which you’d be working.

Compensation type. Your pay preference may impact which sales position fits best. “Sales compensation ranges from zero-​commission (retail salespeople, for example) to pure commission (your salary is completely determined by performance.),” Frost explains. “The former offers a greater sense of security, but the latter can be incredibly profitable — assuming you’re good at your job.” This factor should play a big role in where you choose to work and in what capacity.

Take a look at Frost’s entire article to read her other must-​consider points. With her guide, newcomers can uncover what position is best for them and start their sales careers on the right track.