New Tips for Top B‑to‑B Customer Service

BY Rachel Cagle
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Few people outside the realm of B‑to‑B sales understand that giving exceptional customer service in  the B‑to‑B industry is exceedingly more complicated than traditional business to customer service. There are more people involved in the B‑to‑B selling process, they all have different personalities and values, and facing that many conflicting interests can lead to the downfall of a sale all too easily. So, how can B‑to‑B salespeople prepare for the potentially treacherous road ahead? In his article, Chris Wright offers, “5 B2B Customer Touchpoints You Can’t Afford to Ignore.”

  1. Showcase Your Value

When it comes to preparing your pitch and memorizing everything you can about all the products and services you’re about to offer, it’s easy to forget that you’re also selling yourself. Let’s face it, you’re not the only one offering what you’re trying to sell. The main differences between you and some other salesperson are the quality of your wares and the person selling it. If you and your competition are selling similar products or services, your potential clients are going to choose the salesperson they believe will be reliable and there for them when they need you. Be that person and sell it.

  1. Long-​Term Client > Potential Client

You spend a vast amount of your time and resources attempting to sway potential clients. You have to start from the bottom up and even then a sale is not guaranteed. So, why not focus on client loyalty instead? Existing clients are significantly easier to make a sale to, because they already have experience working with you and, if they’re happy with your service and you have a new relevant product or service to offer, they are more likely to  jump at your offer. So, instead of basing your sales plan around snagging new clients, focus on upselling to existing clients.

  1. Keep it Simple

There are far too many companies that bombard their clients with every product or service they can offer in order to make a sale. While this approach might seem effective, all the clients see is a mass of products they don’t need. Do yourself and your clients a favor and showcase only the products and services you believe will suit their needs.

  1. Research

At the end of the day, your chances of making a successful sale comes down to how prepared you are and how well you know the client. You’ll be able to effectively sell yourself as a trustworthy salesperson if you know what your client needs and that goes double for selecting what products and services you’re trying to sell in each case. Also, you’ll never maintain a client for long if you don’t keep up to date on the company and its progressing needs. You’ll also need to research existing clients, especially in terms of checking in on them regularly to inquire about their satisfaction of what you sold them. Knowledge is power.