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I’m not the type of guy who likes to make changes, but sometimes I have to. For all of us, the world turns, we wander, we spin, and we drift. If you’re like me, you eventually realize that it’s time to seek another path. Logically, there’s no better time than the beginning of the new year to make a commitment that you can comprehend and measure. As you secure your plans for the new year and make peace with 2022, you may want to steel yourself with the changes afoot in the brave new world of sales. Wake up! It’s time to realize how much has changed! That’s precisely why you should consider a selling style that best fits the 2023 edition of you and your unique situation.

There are Many Concerns When Choosing a Selling Style

If you’re looking for a way to thrive in today’s new sales environment, you need to get smart. Your sales strategy must match the buyer’s journey in this new complex environment. Whether it’s B2B, B2C, large, or small, the buyer you’re planning to call tomorrow has many more options than you’ve ever imagined. Therefore, it’s time to pivot to meet this new buyer’s expectations and reclaim your credibility as the one source for their needs in this assumed self-​service world.

Forget Seller — Become a Thought Leader

Here’s an attractive selling style option to consider. Caroline Forsey, interviews Mike Buscemi, director of SMB Sales for g2, and reveals that the bigger role for sellers in 2023 is to become thought leaders, rather than sellers. In their role as a software seller, g2 studied buyer behavior to determine that the seller’s journey may, indeed, need to shift in parallel with the buyer’s. The tasks awaiting these burgeoning thought leaders are as follows:

            Perform as a consultant who understands the specific industry

            Share customer stories that relate to the prospect’s needs

            Learn to speak the customer’s language to build trust and demonstrate expertise

Buscemi cites the importance of reviews in the mind of the software buyer to instill trust. You may want to collect comparable third-​party endorsements for your industry. If these are unavailable, check the article for his suggestions on beginning your own collection.

Prepare to Sell to a Committee

According to Buscemi’s Buyer Behavior Study, 80% of companies have buying committees. Your industry may vary; however, it’s likely there’ll be additional stakeholders added over the course of the sale. More people means more questions and a variety of perspectives focused on the process. Identifying these players as early as possible is key. The article offers several phrases that can help you draw out these otherwise hidden participants to your distinct advantage. Keep in mind, each player has their own agenda and will seek specific values and benefits from your product. Thorough product knowledge is critical.

Take a Marketing Course or Seek Certification

If you are serious about becoming a true expert, you need to commit. “A prospect isn't going to trust you if you don't seem like you know what you're talking about when it comes to their specific challenges and industry at-​large,” states Buscemi. In fact, he requires each member of his team to perform marketing strategy sessions and practice role-​play. This exercise results in shared knowledge, promotes group learning, assures uniformity, and builds confidence within the ranks. Shop around and see if certification for your industry exists. It’s a fine way to qualify your skills and prove your credibility. If your team adopts this selling style, you could achievee a highly successful 2023 for your entire enterprise.

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