Newsletter Ads Deliver High Engagement and ROI

BY Kathy Crosett
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If your clients track ROI on marketing expenses, they should be checking out newsletter ads. This strategy can help them shift spending from less effective to more effective ad formats. 

Higher Engagement Rates

A new SmartBrief release suggests that marketers may be underestimating the power of advertising in newsletters. Check out these engagement rates measured by Ogilvy:

  • Twitter post 0.05%
  • Regular newsletter 4.78%
  • Facebook post 6.0% (of a page’s followers)
  • Industry newsletter 20%

As a publisher of newsletters, SmartBrief has an interest in presenting these statistics to potential advertisers. However, the numbers are intriguing. Joe Webster, vice president of marketing and audience development at SmartBrief, reports that subscribers to b‑to‑b newsletters are particularly loyal. These readers are “using these newsletters to further their own professional development.” They need to track what’s happening in an industry. As they stay aware of specific developments, readers also notice advertising.

Quality Leads

Analysts point out that newsletter subscribers typically sign up with their real names and business email addresses. Their truthfulness might stem from the fact that their businesses pay for any related subscription costs. The outcome of that truthfulness is newsletters reach their intended audiences. And that means marketers' messages are being seen. 

Brand Safety and Newsletter Ads

Your clients should always be thinking in terms of brand safety. When they use social media to promote themselves, they can’t always control where their content will appear. Marketers may be figuring this out. Earlier this week, we reported that some advertisers had moved away from Twitter in the past year. Purchasing a newsletter ad is usually a safer investment as they don’t publish risky user-​generated content.

If your clients are hoping to reach niche audiences, they should consider using newsletters. Most newsletters are delivered via email. To learn more about the kinds of email that consumers respond to, check out the profiles available in AudienceSCAN at AdMall from SalesFuel.