Nothing Has Gone As Planned


It seems that nothing has gone as planned this year. What a drastic understatement! I don’t know about you, but my resilience has never been tested more. I want to share some of the ways I keep from feeling defeated during all the uncertainty. I also want to share a couple of things I need to improve on, because no one is perfect.

Being Responsive

I am responsive. A forward-​thinking mindset has kept me from sinking deep into those hopeless feelings we have all experienced in life, and especially in 2020.

When I have a day where things go sideways, I become responsive to the situation I am faced with. Of course, I might get down for a bit, but I never let myself stay there for too long. Creating a plan to move forward gives me comfort and helps me feel in control. If you are able to do the same, you could be a pivotal player in a work environment.

Being True

I am true to myself. I can’t say this has always been the case, but I made a commitment to myself to a few years ago to be open about my needs, feelings and ideas. I am not saying it’s okay to act badly and chalk it up to “That’s just who I am.” I am talking about authenticity that is kind and productive.

Not only does this feel good to me, it feels good to others. When you are sharing in a sincere way, people feel comfortable to do the same. As a leader in your organization, this can have such an impact on dynamics and culture.

Sharing with Others

I have selected great people to share my life with. My support system is awesome, and I do take some credit for that. One of my greatest lessons was learning that I have control over who is in my personal life, and that I do not need to feel obligated to share personal things at work.

If you feel comfortable sharing things at work, I don’t think that is wrong. For me, it creates distraction and/​or stress, depending on the topic I would be sharing. Misery loves company, but your co-​workers are not always the best company for personal issues. In a year where nothing has gone as planned, I'm sticking to my tribe for that. You might want to do the same.

Work-​Life Balance

I am trying to find work-​life balance. Work has always given me gratification, fulfillment, and a sense of pride. I can get lost in it, but as I get older, I realize I need more of a balance in order to be happy and make the people I love happy. One good thing that has come from my COVID-​19 experience is more efficiency in my days. I feel as if I have more time when I am working from home. I can start earlier, get everything done for everyone, and enjoy more time for myself. I know how important this is and that some people are naturally better at it than others. I’m always looking for ways to improve in this area.

Asking for Help

I am getting better at asking for help. This has been my biggest struggle in every area of my life, and I know it is important for so many reasons. It is why I get overwhelmed at work and home, and it is what keeps me from having work life-balance.

If you are great at knowing when to ask for help and having work life balance, send me your secrets! lrigsby@​salesfuel.​com

Nothing Has Gone As Planned

In this year when nothing has gone as planned, we can't afford to give up. Our families and our co-​workers need to know that we have their backs. Take care of yourself first, and then you'll be able to take care of them.

Lisa Rigsby

Lisa Rigsby

Lisa Rigsby is the Director of Sales at SalesFuel. Lisa has nearly 20 years of proven experience in sales, marketing, team management, sales coaching, communications, and revenue management. Her daily objective is to use her experience to be an asset to her team. While the challenges may change, the goal to inspire and motivate those around her remains the same.
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