Why Online Video is the Next Big Online Advertising Trend

BY Rachel Cagle
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A more personalized connection with customers, especially new ones, can be difficult to achieve. Many companies aren't investing enough in online advertising. In a lot of cases, your client’s company is just the logo stamped on a coupon the customer received in the mail. Or the jingle at the end of a radio spot. While the recognition is good, there’s a certain human variable that is lacking when face-​to-​face interaction is out of the equation. Online advertising in the form of video can fill that gap, say articles from One Productions.

In the, “How a web video can help grow your brand,” article, One Production explains that video is an excellent way for customers to get to know a brand in a more personal way from a distance. With just a click of the Play button, customers can receive first-​hand accounts of the shopping experience your client offers from a person they can see instead of just a voice over the radio/​audio channel or words on a screen or paper. This is the ease offered by video content in online advertising.

But, you also want your client’s videos to stand out among all the other online advertising forms out there, especially your client's competitors' ads. You don’t want to be using the same old panning shot of an empty store with smiling but silent employees while the latest sale is being announced. One Productions offers, “7 unusual types of corporate video to shoot,” to help your client’s videos stand out.

Online Advertising Video Types

One of One Productions' suggestions is a “why I love my job” video compilation. A lot of online advertising videos focus on upper management and other members of the company that customers will never actually interact with. Lower level, customer-​facing employees and their personal accounts, that’s a different story. Happy employees contribute so much to a company’s culture. If the employees a customer is interacting with are happy with where they work, there’s a better chance that customers will be happier to buy from them. So, you should document why your client’s business cares about everyone’s happiness, their employees and customers alike, to show the world that satisfaction is a priority to them.

Another online advertising video idea One Productions suggests is an interview with the store’s favorite customers. Real stories from real customers are the best way to make viewers/​potential new customers feel as if they’re getting trustworthy information on your client’s business. Employees can be paid to give any positive message their employers want, but customers will only agree to be in the business' videos if they truly believe in the testimonies they are giving and like the business enough to take the time to shoot the videos. Also, favorite customers will show a sense of loyalty to the company that can encourage others to feel the same.

Online videos feature real people talking about topics relevant to customers. They provide advertising with the human touch only visible people can provide. And, they’re easier for customers to absorb than an advertisement a customer has to take the time to read. Learn more about Online Video Watchers through AudienceSCAN from AdMall by SalesFuel.