Out-​of-​Home Advertising Trends

BY Tim Londergan
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Out-​of-​home (OOH) advertising serves as a valuable component of the media mix. It rarely receives the greatest share of campaign dollars, but its strength is realized in the return on investment and its immediacy. Its intrusiveness and omnipresence are undeniable. Also, OOH effectiveness for improving brand awareness and serving as a catalyst to drive online search is well documented. Now, in a post-​pandemic return to normal, OOH advertising will be influencing consumers. Here are the latest out-​of-​home advertising trends.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) commissioned Harris Insights and Analytics to conduct a consumer behavior study on summer travel. The study gives marketers a peek at how Americans are returning to their daily routines and how they plan their summer vacation. For instance, researchers report that 64% of the general public are feeling more comfortable boarding an airplane for summer travel. The study is chock full of other out-​of-​home advertising trends.

No More Fear of Flying

Consumers are twice as likely to fly this summer than during the 2020 holiday season. More than half of Gen Zers and 46% of millennials intend to board a plane. 71% of the general public plan to travel in their personal vehicle. One-​third plan at least a one-​week vacation, while about 40% plan two or more weeks. Weekend getaways, extended stays with family or friends and resort vacations are the most popular choices. 58% plan for hotel accommodations. People are getting out of home and loving it. In fact, 78% agree that they try to get out of the house as often as possible. As Americans come back out this summer, your clients can reach travelers by buying OOH in key locations. 

Outdoor Ads Fuel Interest in Public Events

Fairs, concerts, new movie releases and sporting events top the event categories, and younger Americans are the most responsive to the offerings. Urban dwellers in large (1M+) cities comprise another prime audience for OOH. Out-​of-​home advertising is credited with driving event awareness for over 40% of large city dwellers. Restaurants are the most prominent beneficiaries (37%), but local retail businesses (25%) also attract attention with OOH messaging.

Digital Out-​of-​Home is Intrusive and Unique

Digital screens allow OOH advertising vendors to penetrate niche environments. The “digital place-​based” segment offers targeting capabilities and programmatic opportunities. These valuable features allow advertisers to influence the young urban population that is otherwise hard to reach by traditional media. Few media choices achieve the immunity from ad blocking and ad avoidance like the out-​of-​home options. Billboards make up the largest share of the OOH market (66%) but don’t forget outdoor video screens posters, signage, movie theaters, and other outdoor ads when advising your clients on where to make their purchases.

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Photo by Jose Francisco Fernandez Saura from Pexels.