Over 50% of B2B Buyers Want to Do Business With a Strong Brand

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your B2B clients doing enough to build their brand? Your clients’ salespeople are likely applying the latest techniques to close their deals. And they’re probably using technology to improve their efficiency. But, at some point, the sale comes down to trust. Most importantly, the right kind of marketing can develop a buyer’s sense of trust and get a sales rep through the door for that all-​important first meeting.


The State of Sales 2018 report from LinkedIn reveals that 51% of buyers want to deal with a salesperson they trust. But the concept of trust begins long before the initial engagement. Fifty-​two percent of buyers will open their minds and their wallets for sales reps who represent a ‘well-​known’ company with strong professional brand. 

This statistic suggests that buyers have formed an opinion about a company before they decide to talk with a sales rep. Your B2B clients should be thinking about how to increase the sense of trust that buyers have about their brand. 

The usual rules about using ethical business practices apply. And, when a company’s team members establish themselves as thought leaders in a specific field, they attract attention and build trust. From a marketing standpoint, trusted and strong companies are highly visible. A good content marketing strategy can increase a company’s online visibility.

Content Marketing

The LinkedIn report results indicate that informed buyers are always online, keeping themselves up-​to-​date about industry trends. Specifically, they’re checking out the following marketing assets to make decisions about whether your clients meet the definition of a well-​known company they can trust.

  • Website 44%
  • Events 28%
  • Video 10%
  • Webinars 8%
  • Blogs 6%
  • eBooks 5%

You can show your clients how well their websites are doing by running a Digital Audit on AdMall from SalesFuel. If their website is slow to respond, sell them your digital marketing services package. The Digital Audit allows you to select the appropriate audience for your clients. Using that data, you can tell your clients how many audience members read blogs every day and how content marketing influences them.