Direct Mail Marketing Delivers Results for Businesses

BY Kathy Crosett
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If your clients want to make a big impression and score an even bigger ROI with their marketing campaign, they should turn to a tried-​and-​true workhorse: direct mail. If you sell direct mail services, you’ll want to check out the statistics that the folks at the DMA compiled and that were reported on by Inkit.

Consumers Trust Direct Mail

In a recent ANA/​DMA study, 76% of consumers said they trust direct mail advertising when they are making a purchase decision. Only two other formats scored higher: Prints ads (82%) and TV ads (80%). Multiple studies have shown that direct mail makes a connection with consumers. The tangible offer or promotion they hold in their hands requires “less cognitive effort to process than digital media.”

Client Lists Yield Excellent Results

The other fantastic feature of direct mail is that your clients can rely on their in-​house lists to generate fabulous response rates. Last year, when marketers sent direct mail campaigns to people who were on their house lists, they got a 9% return rate. When they mailed to a purchased prospect list, they generated about a 4.9% response rate. 

The prospect list response rate was higher than it has been since 2003 and suggests that consumers maybe paying closer attention to their physical mail.

These numbers shine when compared to the response rates of other media forms:

  • Email 1%
  • Paid search 1%
  • Social media 1%
  • Online display 0.3%

Direct Mail Use Rates

The big response to direct mail campaigns is encouraging over 80% of marketers to maintain or increase their use of this format in 2019. One of the biggest challenges for direct mail marketers is expense. Let your clients know they can get a higher return on their investment by using the format that yielded a 15% response rate late year: the letter-​size envelope. 

You can also help clients enjoy direct mail success by showing them which consumers respond to this type of advertising. Check out the AudienceSCAN profile available on AdMall from SalesFuel​.com and then get busy selling.