Overlooking Personalized Ads? You're Wasting Opportunity

BY Rachel Cagle
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Data-​driven personalization has helped 96% of marketers achieve their goals, according to Ascend2’s Data-​Driven Personalization report. These marketers’ goals are, hopefully, the same as your clients’. They include improving customers’ experiences, increasing visitor engagement and conversation rates and improving product offerings and pricing, lead programs and brand preference. 

In fact, personalization is becoming so important to marketers that 86% will be increasing their data-​driven personalization spending. Of this percentage, 18% will be increasing their spending significantly and the remaining 68% will be making moderate increases in their spending. Only 14% of marketers are planning on decreasing their data-​driven personalization spending in the future.


So, what types of data do marketers need to collect to better personalize their marketing efforts? Here’s the types they believe are the most important:

  • Website activity
  • Transaction activity
  • Campaign activity
  • Gender/​age/​location
  • Name
  • Company/​employment
  • Title/​purchasing role

Marketing Media

Once they’ve collected this data, most marketers plan to put it to use in a variety of marketing formats, most of which are digital. These include emails, website home pages, search engine marketing, landing pages for campaigns, blogs, social media and web pages detailing products and pricing. 

AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel has profiles for five different types of email audiences, Sponsored Search Result Responders, Regular Blog Readers, and a number of digital and social media-​related audiences in its database. There, you can find more information about that audience’s demographics, as well as insight into their purchase intent for the coming year. Their profiles also have details concerning the types of advertising they’re most receptive to. So, if your clients are planning a multi-​media advertising campaign, you can tell them exactly which ad media formats to use alongside their emails, search efforts, etc.

Personalization is something that consumers have come to expect. Don’t let your clients fall behind by not dedicating the funds needed to keep up with data-​driven personalization.