How Paid Social Ads and Other Digital Advertising Go Hand-in-Hand

BY Rachel Cagle
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Paid social spend has risen 22% from just Q2 2017 to Q3 2017 thanks to the back-​to-​school/​other seasonal increases related to this quarter, according to iProspect’s Paid Social Trends Quarterly Report. Year-​over-​year, this spending has increased 78% since Q3 2016 because of elevated prospecting budgets, existing awareness, and lower-​funnel budgets. While marketers are spending more on social media ads, you can encourage them to buy other digital media formats.

Take online video, for instance. Social video ad placements have shot up 41% since Q3 2016. Many companies are transferring some of their TV ad budgets to give more of a focus to social video. Social media platforms are responding in kind by advancing their video advertising potential. iProspect says that video ads have, “Superior targeting, efficiency, and control,” and that’s not just limited to social media. Video ads can be used all over the internet. So, why not encourage your clients to further their video advertising for social media and beyond?

iProspect also points out that paid social media advertising is an excellent way to have your clients’ ads reach a targeted audience. For example, iProspect focuses on Facebook’s pixel-​based ads that are, “targeted to audiences collected from the Facebook pixel and/​or ads that are optimized toward site activity measured by the pixel.” This approach uses known identities in lieu of cookie-​based or proxy-​based presumed viewer identities. Once those targeted audiences view your clients’ social media ads, it’s easier to drive traffic to the clients’ websites.

So, not only is investing in paid social ads effective across the social medium itself, your clients can easily use it to drive traffic to their websites by using ads, such as video, that can be used across a variety of other locations.