Develop the Perfect Pitch for Millennial Decision-Makers

BY Rachel Cagle
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Millennials aren’t the young kids who are still college age or even younger than that. For one, the youngest millennials are now in their mid-​20s and, according to Lestraundra Alfred, writing for HubSpot, they are the most populace generation in America with 73 million+ people falling within this age group. So, if you aren't already, it’s about time they are taken seriously. One way you can do that is by catering your sales strategy toward millennial decision-​makers (who are greater in number than you may have thought) and learning how to develop the perfect pitch for them specifically.

Develop the Perfect Pitch for Millennial Decision-Makers

Be Authentic

Not only have millennial decision-​makers had access to technology for a higher percentage of their lives than older generations, therefore knowing how to easily fact-​check everything, most don’t trust the majority of salespeoples’ motives, says Alfred. “These buyers value authentic content and messaging that feels unbiased,” Alfred says. “Incorporate this into your sales strategy by using reviews and user-​generated content from real customers to get your message across.” To develop the perfect pitch for this audience, make your sales pitch a conversation with them instead of a monologue directed at them. This will go a long way in opening a millennial up to your sales proposal since they're used to older generations looking down on them and feeling as if they need things spelled out for them.

Don’t Overfocus on Your Product or Service

In their personal lives, millennials are known to value experiences over products, and this point of view transfers to their professional decisions, as well. Alfred recommends that you not overload a millennial decision-​maker with information about your product’s features. Even for older prospects, being overloaded with information can be confusing or even boring since most will give up trying to convert all that information to memory. Information overload may even make a prospect defensive since it could seem as if you're trying to confuse them on purpose in order for them to be dependent on taking your word for things. To develop the perfect pitch, focus instead on what your product can do for their company. How will what your selling make the prospect’s work life easier? Spotlight those facts to win over the millennial decision-maker.

Fine Tune Your Online Presence

Remember that statement about millennials and their tech savviness? According to SalesFuel’s proprietary research, the Selling to SMB survey, millennials use the internet to research you before they agree to even meet with you. “When millennial decision-​makers first start to research a product or service online, customer ratings and reviews on social media are the go-​to source for over 40%,” says SalesFuel. “That’s a hint to marketers: Address any negative reviews with positive and highly visible action.” Not only that, make sure you’re reaching out to your current clients asking for positive reviews to give your future millennial prospects something positive to read. Additionally, don’t stop at social media. Make sure your website is up-​to-​date with helpful reviews and material, as well. Sometimes, to develop the perfect pitch, you need to think beyond the actual sales meeting.