Phone Shoppers to See More Augmented Reality Baked into Phones

BY Courtney Huckabay
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There will be further refinements, mass adoptions of certain trends, and a whole new batch of tempting handsets. Here’s what the experts at DigitalTrends​.com expect to see this year in smartphones.

Better batteries
"We hope that battery life will increase every year, but all too often efficiency gains are squandered by increasingly svelte designs," Simon Hill wrote. "One area where battery tech in smartphones has notably improved is the speed of charging, and we think that will continue in 2018."

The newest AudienceSCAN survey showed 21.1% of U.S. adults plan to buy smartphones (or smartphone upgrades) this year. These trends are sure to entice them.

Wireless charging becoming a staple
"We think wireless charging will become a standard expectation. We’re also starting to see many more great options for wireless charging pads. Even more exciting is the prospect of wireless charging across distance. We’ve seen a few different technologies pursuing this over the last few years. Could 2018 be the year that we finally see a working example in a mainstream phone? Probably not, but we can hope."

Retailers can tout these trends through digital and mobile advertising. The latest AudienceSCAN study found 38% of Smartphone Shoppers took action after getting mobile smartphone app ads or text message ads in the past month.

Artificial intelligence could make life easier
"Google’s Pixel 2 or 2 XL represent the current pinnacle of software smarts, with artificial intelligence lending a hand to create better photos, recognize objects, and help you schedule your day-to-day."

The most recent AudienceSCAN survey reported 36% of Smartphone Shoppers watched a video about a product they're considering from mobile devices in the past six months.

Dual cameras on every phone
"A dual camera is fast-​becoming an expectation, We expect to see dual cameras of varying quality in a host of smartphones this year, although we don’t feel they’re essential – the single-​lens Pixel 2 XL is our current pick for the best smartphone camera."

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