Portfolio Strategist Turns to AdMall Event Reports to Close $36,000 Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Alissa Burns, a portfolio strategist from Effectv, has been using AdMall for over five years and knew it would be effective when approaching a local supermarket struggling to find its footing in the advertising world.

The [supermarket] client wasn't spending enough money to have an effective campaign, and they had a lot of advertising waste by reaching an audience that wouldn't travel the distance to their store,” said Burns.

The owners aren't very tech savvy, so they rely on us as the experts to guide them and make recommendations for their advertising.”

Using the Local Account Intelligence Report, and National Event Reports, we created a quarterly planning calendar of high value TV programming and sports opportunities to align with key grocery shopping events and holidays. This helped the seller to book an annual campaign with the client at a 20% increase in investment.”

I used the marketing opportunities calendar to see national event tie-​ins. I also used the AudienceSCAN viewership information for grocery shoppers to find their favorite sports to watch and advertising response by media.”

AdMall showed us the distance that grocery shoppers are willing to travel which helped in our recommendation of a more localized advertising approach. It also showed us viewing habits of grocery shoppers so that we could recommend sports programming that they were interested in watching.”

In the end, Burns closed a $36,000 annual sale and had the following recommendation for new AdMall users.

You can also learn a lot about a client's potential audience by pulling an AudienceSCAN report to discover things like viewing habits, advertising response, and more,” said Burns.