Private Jets to Promote Services During Coronavirus Outbreak

BY Rachel Cagle
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"The effects of Coronavirus are being felt across the travel industry, but as commercial aviation is hit hard, the private jet industry is booming with inquiries., reports LunaJets."

"As Coronavirus causes drops in flight bookings, many commercial airlines announced cuts in their flight schedule. Besides, clients are looking to avoid crowded airports, packed cabins of commercial flights or to evacuate affected areas. Today, passengers want to travel as quickly as possible, avoid immigration restrictions, imposed by countries one after another."

"Private aviation is perceived as a way to decrease the risk to contract Coronavirus. Passengers avoid crowds, in the airports, as they use separated private airport terminals, and on-​board. Indeed, security controls at private jet terminals are faster than in commercial terminal and there are no queues."

"'Flying private, clients will have limited contacts during their journey, limited to airport agents, mandatory security staff and crew. Therefore, you avoid Coronavirus potential exposure,' comments Alain Leboursier, Head of Sales and Development at LunaJets." 

"Aside from extra sanitary measures applied to the aircraft and crew, flights are operating normally for private jet companies."

Frequent Flyers may not realize that their travel plans might not have to be postponed or canceled. With many of these consumers working from home or on temporary leave from their jobs, they'll be spending quite a bit of time online. Last month, according to AudienceSCAN, these consumers used the internet to research products they were considering for purchase, check sports scores, play online games and order food from restaurants.

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