Who Are Your Prospects Hiring for Website Maintenance?

BY Kathy Crosett
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Your small business clients expect their websites to be their public faces for prospects and customers who are checking them out. Maintaining the company website can be an expensive and challenging task. A new Manifest survey finds 91% of SMBs regularly update their websites, and they’re looking for outside help with this task.

A good website plays a key role in SEO marketing. Consumers can discover a business when it has done a good job of building out the kind of content that gets ranked by search engines. The Manifest 2018 Small Business survey of 226 SMBs with websites reveals that 22% of these marketers will invest in high-​quality content this year. And, 13% will also deliberately tweak the websites to optimize for SEO.

Then there’s the whole issue of security. SMBs face two kinds of threats on this front. First, any kind of data breach will negatively impact their reputations. Second, hackers can cost SMBs huge sums of money, especially if they hijack and hold a site hostage. SMBs can’t afford to drop the ball on security. The Manifest survey finds 17% of these marketers will address security issues on their sites this year.

Once consumers have discovered a site, they’ll only stick around if they find something interesting. SMBs know that user experience on a website matters, so 16% will be investing in that aspect this year. This means making sure the site loads quickly and testing for links that lead to nowhere. You can help prospects learn the status of their website alignment by running a Digital Audit using AdMall PRO from SalesFuel. Since many SMBs also rely on their sites as e‑commerce generators, they should be testing all changes and optimize for conversions.

SMB owners pride themselves on being able to do it all. But they need to know there’s a limit. In fact, 35% say they’ve already handed over the responsibility of designing and maintaining their websites to outside contractors. Check in with your SMB clients and explain how your content creation and SEO services can help them grow their revenue.