Radio is More Popular than Your Clients Think

BY Rachel Cagle
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How much time do you spend listening to traditional media on a weekly basis? Radio is more popular than you think. If your total estimated time is under 11 hours and 51 minutes, the time you spend tuning in is below average, according to Nielsen’s Tops of 2019: Radio report.

That’s right, whether it’s in the car, at home or wherever else they may, the average American consumer spends more than an hour and a half each day listening to the radio.

The most popular type of radio genre for Americans as a whole is News/​Talk, which 9.5% of the country actively listens to regularly. Nielsen says that, on top of News/Talk’s general appeal, the upcoming presidential election is bound to result in a spike in the number of listeners. Adult Contemporary is the next most popular radio genre. 8.1% of Americans say it’s one of their favorite radio formats, while Country comes in third at 6.7%. Overall, Adult Contemporary’s appeal is steadily rising in popularity each year, while News/Talk’s wavers and Country has been falling.

Of course, genre popularity varies by age group. If your client’s target audience is 18- to 34-​year-​olds, they should know that this age group’s top radio genres are Pop Contemporary Hit Radio, Country and Adult Contemporary. 25- to 34-​year-​olds, on the other hand, prefer Adult Contemporary, followed by Pop Contemporary Hit Radio and Country.

The numerous radio-​based AudienceSCAN profiles on AdMall by SalesFuel offer even more insight into today’s radio listeners. If your client wants to know what other media Radio Ad Responders are receptive to, who is listening to satellite radio or what Local AM/​FM Radio Station Listeners plan to purchase this year, you can find that information on their audience profiles.