Radio Thrives by Offering Digital Advertising

BY Rachel Cagle
Featured image for “Radio Thrives by Offering Digital Advertising”

Yeah, we’re in a digital age, and radio isn’t lagging behind. According to a press release from the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), radio digital ad revenue now makes up 10% of total radio advertising spend. That’s more than $1 billion spent just on radio digital advertisements. “Digital revenue is now growing faster for the radio industry than it is for any other media segment that is also selling digital advertising,” says RAB.

According to RAB, ad buyers are more likely to continue being customers of radio as long as they are offered digital packages. Ad buyers who are told digital packages are not an option for purchase are 26% more likely to stop investing in radio advertising altogether.

As a result, 70% of radio stations are now offering digital advertising services. On average, local radio stations earned $299,213 through sales of digital ads last year, with top performers bringing in up to $17.1 million in digital ad revenue.

Radio’s relevancy has yet to slip, even with most traditional forms of media struggling to stay relevant nowadays. In fact, 92% of Americans still listen to the radio on a weekly basis (that’s 272 million people). And almost all (98%) Americans listen to the radio at least once a month.

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