Real Estate Agents to Promote The Stress-​Reducing Aspect of Their Services to Home Sellers

BY Rachel Cagle
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"A recent online survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Zillow reveals that more than three quarters of Americans who have sold a home in the past three years say the experience of selling was stressful for them (77%) — behind only going through a relationship breakup (78%). Selling a home is rated as being more stressful than buying a new home (72%), planning a wedding (60%), getting fired (58%), becoming a parent (58%), teaching a teenager to drive (53%) and potty training a child (47%)."

  • "Those most likely to describe the home selling process as stressful include adults under the age of 35 (82% vs. 73% of those age 55+), those with no children living at home (79% vs. 68% of those with children), and those who say the home selling process took longer than they expected (84% vs. 72% of those who felt the process took about as long as expected)."

"Home sellers report that many factors related to the house selling process can contribute to this stress. Roughly two thirds, for instance, say that the uncertainty of selling for the desired price (70%) or within the desired timeframe (69%), packing up their belongings (67%), worrying about buyer offers falling through (65%) and making improvements to prepare the home for sale (65%) all added to the stress felt during this process."

"Another six in ten say that the lack of control over the selling process (63%), getting rid/​selling some belongings (60%), de-​cluttering (59%), timing the sale with the purchase of a new home (58%), and not knowing if buyers are seriously interested (57%) also contributed to the stress felt during this time. Keeping the house clean for open houses and tours (55%), lack of clarity regarding aspects of the overall selling process (51%) and leaving the home for tours and open houses (50%) are least likely to be rated as stressful, though at least half of those surveyed report these activities elevated their anxiety levels during this time."

"Three quarters of American home sellers find the stress of selling their house comparable to other stressful events (77% versus 23% who say that none of the things listed are similar to the home selling process in terms of stress levels). Sellers are most likely to associate the stress of selling a home to that felt when moving to a new home (28%), and nearly one in five found the stress of selling a home similar to starting a new job (19%), getting fired from a job (17%), and experiencing conflicts at work or at home (17%). More than one in ten say that selling a home is just as stressful as going through a break up (15%), planning a wedding (13%), teaching a teen how to drive (11%), losing all of their luggage when on vacation (10%) and getting a root canal (9%)."

When the home selling process gets too stressful, Home Sellers will likely turn to their favorite sources of entertainment for relief, that double as ways to advertise to them. According to AudienceSCAN, House Shoppers enjoy watching NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, and college football and baseball. Additionally, when looking for a new home, Home Sellers find direct mail ads, TV, newspapers and radio to be the most helpful sources of information. It's likely similar with the selling process.

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