Reputation Management: An Easy Way to Get the Word Out

BY Jessica Helinski
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A salesperson’s reputation is as important as ever, thanks to the widespread availability of customer feedback and reviews. If your reputation isn’t stellar, you’re likely losing business over it. In a recent blog post for the Center for Sales Excellence, Jim Hopes asks, “What are you doing to manage your own reputation as a sales professional?”

Many reps aren't sure how to even get the word out about their successes. It can be a struggle to get clients to write out a letter of recommendation or take time to post a review on LinkedIn. But, many reps are missing blatant opportunities to obtain testimonials. “I have sat with hundreds of salespeople who tell me stories about what their customers have told them in various conversations,” he explains. “Things like how valuable their ideas were, how much they appreciate their outstanding service…the list goes on. The tragedy is that most often, those comments are never seen or heard by anyone else.”

Be proactive. Don't let those valuable compliments disappear, never to be heard again. When a customer raves about an aspect of your business, do two things:

First, ask if you can share the comment with prospects. Then, quickly jot it down in the notes section on your phone, a notepad, your planner–anywhere. Better yet, see if the client is OK with a quick recording of the statement (easily done on your smartphone). “Now you’ve captured the valuable comment before it disappeared into thin air,” Hopes writes. It’s that simple.

Now that you’ve got this great testimonial, share it anywhere and everywhere you can! Remember, when you sing your own praises, you just sound like a salesperson. When others do it, it is so much more meaningful (and credible).