Restaurants Can Score More Business by Serving Consumers’ Favorite Breakfast Foods

BY Rachel Cagle
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Whether it's the slurp of a honey banana smoothie or the crackle of fresh bacon, breakfast is what gets many of us out of bed in the morning. A new survey conducted by the National Honey Board highlights how the U.S. does breakfast.

Of the 92% of Americans who enjoy breakfast at least once a week, 69% choose eggs as their favorite breakfast food while 46% of respondents choose either bacon or sausage. U.S. breakfast lovers are also enjoying their morning meal overwhelmingly at home, though 18% of respondents are munching either in the car or at their desk. Additionally, 36% of Americans are more likely to reach for oatmeal, granola or cereal as a breakfast option if flavored with honey.

According to AudienceSCAN, 55.5% of Breakfast/​Brunch Restaurant Diners are willing to pay more for higher quality on most products, and they're 25% more likely than other adults to be willing to pay more for healthy or organic food products. Within the last month, 63% of this audience has used a search engine to do research on products they would like to purchase. Also, 90% of this audience prefers using Google to do their searches. However, only 19.6% of this audience will venture past the first page of results, so breakfast/​lunch restaurants or food sellers should make sure their SEO is up-​to-​date and boasts organic/​healthy products.

Though it isn't surprising that Americans prefer hearty breakfasts at home, there are a few interesting twists in the survey data:

  • Americans in the Northeast are twice as likely to love bagels. According to survey data, those in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston are much more likely to indicate bagels as a breakfast favorite (39–43%) compared to Southern cities such as Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas (13–19%).    
  • Those that consider themselves environmentally-​friendly are more inclined to favor toast and fruit for breakfast as well as hot tea with honey. According to the survey, 47% of environmentally-​friendly individuals choose fruit, 40% choose toast, and 48% choose tea with honey.
  • About half of Americans who eat breakfast prefer one that includes a sweet element. Gen Z is the most likely to enjoy a sweet breakfast, with 60% reaching for something with a sweet element versus 47% overall.
  • One in three Americans who eat breakfast would be more likely to eat healthier foods when flavored with honey.

Both breakfast/​brunch restaurants and businesses that sell food products to make these meals can target Breakfast/​Brunch Restaurant Diners digitally. Within the last year, 53.6% of this audience took action after receiving an advertisement via email, according to AudienceSCAN. Mobile is also a great advertising medium since 49% of this audience took action after seeing an ad on a mobile smartphone app or receiving a text advertisement last year. They're also 21% more likely than other adults to click on a text link on a website. Traditional ads are also effective, especially in the TV media format as 68.3% of this audience took action after seeing them last year.

AudienceSCAN data is available for your applications and dashboards through the SalesFuel API. Media companies and agencies can access AudienceSCAN data through the AudienceSCAN Reports in AdMall.