Restaurants to Promote Father's Day Dining

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Every year, Americans look forward to treating their dads on Father’s Day and retailers offer up a variety of gift options that create new memories. NRF has been conducting its annual Father’s Day survey with Prosper Insights & Analytics since 2003 to see how Americans celebrate dad on his special day."

"In 2019, 75.9% of Americans planned to celebrate Father's Day. TThe total expected spending for these celebrations was thought to reach $15.96 billion, an increase of $64 million from 2018. Per person, that spending was expected to average $138.97."

"77% of men and 75% of women planned to celebrate Father's Day in 2019. Most men planned to celebrate with their fathers or stepfathers (58%) while an equal amount of women planned to celebrate both their fathers/​stepfathers and their husbands (48%, respectively)."

"The top gifts for dads in 2019 were:

  • Special Outings: $3.34 billion total expected spending
  • Clothing: $2.51 billion
  • Gift Cards: $2.26 billion
  • Electronics: $1.81 billion
  • Home Improvement/​Gardening Tools: $930 million
  • Personal Care: $910 million
  • Tools or Appliances: $860 million
  • Sporting Goods: $820 million
  • Automotive Accessories: $710 million"

Special outings were the top gift idea for 2019, and for many Americans, that means going out for a good meal. Steakhouse Restaurant Diners are equally divided between men and women and 71.8% are parents, according to AudienceSCAN. Steakhouses can promote their Father's Day specials to celebrators through both traditional and digital advertisements.

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