Mobile Marketing: Restaurants to Promote Mobile Apps

BY Rachel Cagle
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Mobile apps and mobile marketing efforts have increased in popularity over the years. According to a report by QSR Magazine, smartphones have experienced, "30% higher engagement in non-​gaming apps for Gen Z versus older demographics. What that hinted is the purpose of apps was changing. Instead of entertainment, they started to play an active role in consumers’ daily lives. In other terms, not so much a means to kill time, but a critical part of the mobile checkout journey to purchase."

Mobile Marketing and Restaurants

One example of businesses that fall into the daily lives of consumers is restaurants. Everyone eats at least once per day and restaurants take away the time-​consuming responsibility of cooking, as well as having to clean up the kitchen after the cooking process is done. Restaurants' mobile apps make the process of ordering simpler, as promoted by their mobile marketing campaigns. And with members of Gen Z growing up in the age of technology, ordering food online has become second nature to them.

Especially now, with life only beginning to get back to the social norms consumers used to have for the COVID-​19 outbreak, online food ordering has been on the rise. According to QSR Magazine, during the pandemic, "80% of people turned to brands they trust when they’re making restaurant purchases. The decision-​making process has narrowed." Consumers are going straight for the restaurants whose mobile apps they already have downloaded on their smartphones when they want to order out.

Since COVID-​19 hit, many people have been going out for fast food just as much, if not more, than they did before the pandemic hit. QSR says that 43% of Americans used fast food mobile apps to order their food ahead of time. Gen Z in particular has been showing an increase in their interest in fast food. Mobile marketing can promote the ease of using a restaurant's mobile app to order consumers' favorite foods on days when cooking just seems like too much work.

If Fast Food Lovers aren't already aware of their favorite restaurants' mobile apps, they can be made aware right on their smartphones. These consumers are 70% more likely than others to find mobile marketing ads on their mobile apps useful, according to AudienceSCAN.

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