Retailers to Promote Comfort Foods to Quarantined Americans

BY Rachel Cagle
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"As the coronavirus shutdowns continue across the United States, two growing trends involving how people eat — the rising amount of money spent on meals outside the home and the increased purchase of fresh or organic foods in grocery stores — have been reversed," reports The New York Times. Comfort foods now reign supreme.

While stuck at home, many Americans are ditching their health food regimens in favor of comfort food. From processed and canned food with long shelf lives to sweet and salty snack favorites, grocery stores are seeing a rise in processed, frozen and junk food sales.

Not only does food like this bring comfort to quarantined Americans, it's also easy to prepare and serve. With many people not used to having to make three meals a day for themselves and/​or their family, this is a relief.

Even before the pandemic started, 65% of Grocery Delivery Users were watching at least three hours of TV every day, according to AudienceSCAN. It's safe to assume that percentage has increased. Why not fill that time with ads containing childhood comfort foods for both these consumers and their kids?

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